Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions

Those patients who are on regular prescriptions for chronic conditions are entered into our repeat prescription programme, whereby repeat prescriptions can be ordered and collected without seeing the Doctor every time.

Each time you receive a prescription, there will be an accompanying sheet listing all the repeat prescriptions you can have. When these are next needed, tick those you require and return the slip to the surgery. Please allow 72 hours for the processing of repeat prescriptions.

If you are a Dispensing patient, you can put your request into the box at the Dispensing counter, or post or fax your request to the Surgery. You will then be able to collect your medicines from the Dispensary after 72 hours. You may also order your prescription electronically. Please email [email protected]. Remember to put your name and address and a list of the medication you require.

You may bring your request to the Surgery in person, by post or by fax. If your wish to receive your signed prescription back by post, you should include a stamped addressed envelope.

Signed prescriptions ready to take to the Chemist will be available for you to collect after 3 working days.

Most of the local Chemists offer a service whereby you can leave your request slip with them, they then bring all the request slips from our patients to us and collect those that have already been processed and signed by a Doctor. They will then make up the processed prescription ready for you to collect. Please ask either your chemist or our Receptionist if you would like more information.

At the bottom of your printed list of drugs, you will find a ‘Review Date’. Please make an appointment with the doctor so that your medication and your general health can be reviewed.

We cannot take requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone – This can lead to mistakes that may be harmful.