Data Protection

As a GP Practice, we have computer and paper records for all our patients. We are registered under the 1998 Date Protection Act and we make every effort to keep patient information confidential and secure. When you register with us, we create a new health record for you. We also obtain your past health records from your previous GP Practice. Patient health records include personal details, details of consultations and other contacts, test results and correspondence. The Primary Health Care Team (doctors, nurses, health visitors, district nurses, midwives, managers and support staff) use your information to provide healthcare and administer the Practice. The Practice may also share personal information with other people involved in your care, such as hospital Doctors. Your details will NOT be passed on to anyone not employed by the Practice or Trust without your consent.

Patients are entitled to request access to their clinical records – please contact the Practice Manager for more information regarding this or to request access. There may be a charge for this service. You also have the right to tell us if you would prefer that your information is not used in a particular way. Please speak to your GP or Practice Nurse if you have any concerns about how your information is used.

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